Based on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia, the team at Wilderness Studios provide business solutions to small and medium businesses. If you are just starting out with a new business or have a current business and just looking for marketing concepts to grow your business then the team at Wilderness Studios are able to help you with low cost positive and creative solutions for you.

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Web Design

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With over 30 years experience the team at Wilderness Studios Australia have been providing quality solutions for small to medium businesses. Simple web sites that load quickly and provide the user with all of your business details and contact information. Our service also includes web updates. This means that we will update your web site with new details within 24hours of receiving the details from you via email. We work with you as part of your team to help build and grow your business and your business profile. We can even host your web page on our server for a low monthly fee. Your web address would then be... www.netsearchaustralia.com/YOURBUSINESSNAME


Our quality URL (WWW) Search Engine Submission Service links your web site in with search engines world wide including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This service can be a "once off" service or a regular service every 2-3 months. We also offer a special 3, 6 and 12 month service deal. Now listing with over 500 search engines in over 65 countries including the big ones like... Google, Yahoo, and MSN/BING. More Details

Meta Tag Coding: We can write Meta Tag Code for your current web site and then email you the code so you can add into your site. Or... we can add it directly to your web page. This small code is added to the 'HEAD' part of your web site code and is used by search engines to help them read your site. It usually contains keywords and information about your business. We believe that every web site should have Meta Tags listed in their web site to ensure the best results on search engines.

Meta Tag Code from $95.00  We also offer 'Site Mapping'.

Simple web sites that simply work.

Business Services

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Are you tired of the same results day in day out? Your business could possibly do with a new look and some new ideas and concepts. We offer a business-focused approach in helping you lift your business profile with a clear understands and focus on business objectives and benefits. If you are wanting your business to grow and need some fresh ideas then we are able to provide you and your business with a professional business consultancy service. We are able to offer advice on marketing, advertising, promotions, team meetings, marketing plans, newspaper advertising and much more. Our graphic design team can design all of your business requirements such as web site design, print media design (advertising, brochures, flyers, newspaper advertising designs and layouts, etc) and online advertising.

Got a product you want to sell? We can design the marketing, packaging, printing and also help you with distribution. We have International experience in this type of design area working with International Companies and Printers. All of our experience will without a doubt assist you and your business.

Interactive Display Boards - Information boards designed for any purpose. These can be located outside in front of a Heritage House or a Old Bridge or a Tourist Location or just about anywhere. More Details

Design - Marketing

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Sit back and let us do all of the work for you.

Our graphic design service can design and print your business cards, flyers, booklets, brochures, catalogues, etc. We can photograph your products, etch/crop images and then create a product catalogue. From something as small as a 4 or 8 page catalogue to something 48+ pages. The final product can be printed in full colour or created as a PDF for you to email to your customers.

From a "Major Production" to "Nothing Over The Top"...  just a fast and simple design service which will get your message our there and also get your business moving.

We can even arrange high volume printing and also mail box letter drops around your local area to anywhere or everywhere in Australia.

You will be surprised what our small business can do for you.

Service areas: Burnie, Wynyard, Yolla, Table Cape, Stanley, Somerset, Penguin, Ulverstone, Turners Beach, Devonport, Launceston.